Hydrogen powered gin

AFC Energy teams up with The Surrey Copper Distillery to produce low-emissions craft gin for Christmas

Sustainable partnership

Neighbours The Surrey Copper Distillery and AFC Energy have worked together to provide this special edition gin, that's powered by hydrogen.

Made by the The Surrey Copper Distillery, and powered by AFC Energy, H2 Gin is produced using power generated on site by our hydrogen fuel cell.

The collaboration also exemplifies exciting British innovation, bringing together two local businesses nestled in the Surrey countryside.

Zero emissions

The Copperfield gin is distilled using power provided by our fuel cell which produces electricity from hydrogen; by combining hydrogen with oxygen from the air the fuel cell produces energy and water with no direct emissions. 

We source the hydrogen used from a supplier that generates it using renewable power - so called green hydrogen.

The Surrey Copper Distillery produces its gin in batches. The batch distillation uses steam to enable the process. The AFC Energy fuel cell provides the power to create the steam for this distillation.

The steam boiler, that’s normally powered by the electricity mains, uses our fuel cell to provide the power instead.


Our H-Power Tower 'S' series produces the clean electricity to run the distillation process, with no direct emissions. This will result in significantly lower carbon dioxide emissions across the distilling process.

AFC Energy’s collaboration with The Surrey Copper Distillery highlights how hydrogen could support the decarbonisation of the gin distilleries and more broadly the food and beverage industry to meet its net zero targets.  

Available to buy

The hydrogen powered Gin H2 is available to buy from The Surrey Copper Distillery's web shop https://www.thesurreycopperdistillery.com/product/copperfield-h2-gin-70cl-limited-edition/

Handcrafted using a blend of botanicals, this exceptionally smooth and juniper rich gin has delicate floral notes finely balanced with woody spice. All the great flavour, none of the carbon emissions.

A more sustainable choice for a discerning gin drinker.


"Our gin making process and carefully selected botanical ingredients provide the very best spirit flavour and aroma experiences. Our collaboration with AFC Energy demonstrates a more sustainable manufacturing process. Through the use of low-emission hydrogen power, we have been able to develop a gin which not only tastes excellent, but also has a lower carbon footprint."

Dr Chris Smart, Managing Director and Founder of The Surrey Copper Distillery


""Hydrogen fuel cell technologies can be implemented today across a wide-range of applications as demonstrated by our collaboration with our neighbours at The Surrey Copper Distillery. The Copperfield gin harnesses the ingenuity of two local businesses to demonstrate creative ways in which clean hydrogen can be used to mitigate greenhouse gas emissions and support the transition to a zero-carbon future."

Adam Bond, AFC Energy CEO