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15 July 2020

Extreme E coming: Green hydrogen from AFC Energy for the electric vehicle fast charger of the future — CleanTechnica interview

Formula 1 has been a hotbed of sport-driven automotive innovation for internal combustion transportation, so just imagine what the elite motorsports format could do for electric vehicle technology. That was the idea behind the Formula E series, which launched in 2014.
15 July 2020

LBC Radio Interview: Extreme E Collaboration

CEO of AFC Energy, Adam Bond, spoke to Martin Sandford at LBC Radio about the collaboration between our company and Extreme E.
15 July 2020

Extreme E gets off-grid power boost from hydrogen

Off-road electric SUVs taking place in the upcoming Extreme E race series will be recharged by AFC Energy’s hydrogen fuelled H-Power Charger.
15 July 2020

Hydrogen Takes Pole Position in Race to Power World’s First Electric Rally Series

AFC Energy, the leading provider of Hydrogen power generation technologies, has today announced a collaboration with Extreme E to provide zero-emissions electric vehicle (EV) charging at the world’s first all-electric international rally series.
04 June 2020

Spanish contractor to go carbon free with hydrogen generator trial

Acciona is set to start using a hydrogen generator on a Spanish construction site next year as part of its drive towards carbon free construction.
02 June 2020

Interview: AFC Energy in 'buoyant mood' after agreeing deal with Spanish construction group ACCIONA

Our CEO, Adam Bond, spoke to Proactive Investors about AFC Energy's collaboration with ACCIONA.
01 June 2020

Landmark hydrogen power project for Spain’s construction sector

A hydrogen-powered energy system is to be installed on a construction site in Spain in a project that may prove a milestone for cleaning up emissions in the building sector and also boosting Spain’s post-coronavirus economic recovery.
19 May 2020

Hydrogen Power to Bring Carbon-Free Construction Closer Than Ever

AFC Energy, a leading provider of hydrogen power generation technologies, has today announced a collaboration with major Spanish construction company ACCIONA to install its zero-emissions H-Power generator on a construction site in Spain next year.
12 February 2020

Hydrogen Generators set to Replace Polluting Diesel Gensets

AFC Energy is today launching a Hydrogen Power Generator that can replace polluting diesel generators and eliminate damaging emissions.