Extreme E coming: Green hydrogen from AFC Energy for the electric vehicle fast charger of the future — CleanTechnica interview

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Formula 1 has been a hotbed of sport-driven automotive innovation for internal combustion transportation, so just imagine what the elite motorsports format could do for electric vehicle technology. That was the idea behind the Formula E series, which launched in 2014. Next year, Formula E creator Alejandro Agag will launch a sister series called Extreme E, which will take place in remote locations, which requires off grid electric vehicle charging, which is where the green hydrogen comes in. Got all that? Good!

To begin with our usual caveat, the earth-destroying hydrogen of today is sourced primarily from fossil gas, which is bad. The green H2 of tomorrow will come from renewable resources, which is good.

Aside from its use as a fuel in fuel cells to generate electricity, hydrogen is widely used in food processing, agriculture and other industrial sectors, so transitioning to green hydrogen is essential for global decarbonization.

There being no such thing as a free lunch, the sticky wicket involves bringing the cost of green hydrogen down to a competitive level. Industry observers are thinking that will take a while, though costs have been dropping rapidly.

While that is going on, the UK fuel cell company AFC Energy has developed a business model that could bridge the gap...


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