Hydrogen Power to Bring Carbon-Free Construction Closer Than Ever

AFC Energy partners with ACCIONA to deploy zero-emissions fuel cell system on Spanish construction site


AFC Energy, a leading provider of hydrogen power generation technologies, has today announced a collaboration with major Spanish construction company ACCIONA to install its zero-emissions H-Power generator on a construction site in Spain next year. The deployment of the hydrogen powered system comes as part of a wider strategy by both companies to bring clean, renewable  energy to the construction sector across Europe and highlights the pivotal role hydrogen will play in the post-COVID transition to a cleaner economy.

The generator will be deployed on the Spanish construction site initially as a containerised 160kW system. In addition to the system deployment, ACCIONA will be supplied with a battery energy storage system (BESS) and an ammonia cracker from which hydrogen fuel will be derived. These systems will be operated alongside the H-Power generator to validate the technical and economic viability of the system as a basis upon which future collaborations with ACCIONA will be premised.

“The important transition from diesel to sustainable power generation at the construction site is a key target market for AFC Energy since the launch of our H-Power system in late 2019,” said AFC Energy CEO Adam Bond. “This billion-dollar global industry has seen growing regulation, such as Europe's Non Road Mobile Machinery regulations, come into force and with that, a movement by constructors and contractors towards a more sustainable on site power generation alternative to diesel.”

The field trial is due to start in the first quarter of 2021.