Significant H-Power Generator Order received from Speedy Hydrogen Solutions

Speedy Hire Solutions (“SHS”)is  a dedicated hydrogen powered generator plant hire business and will lead the UK’s journey to replace the use of polluting diesel generators in the construction industry as well as other areas where off-grid power is required such as festivals, sporting events, and TV and film production sets.

The H-Power Generators will be exclusively available over the next three years for hire in the UK and Ireland through Speedy, who will on-hire the generators to its customers.  Speedy has seen strong interest particularly from its construction customers since the JV was originally announced in July.

SHS has committed to an initial order of generators in the first year with a minimum order commitment over the following two years in order to maintain exclusivity. 

As well as producing the hydrogen powered generators, AFC Energy will procure the hydrogen fuel and provide technical and operational support to Speedy and its customers.

Speedy is responding to its customers increasing demand for power solutions driven by tendering requirements and emission regulations.  With UK projects such as HS2 targeting the removal of diesel generators from all sites by 2029, the urgency to address off-grid power in a sustainable manner is becoming increasingly critical for contractors and developers alike. 

The H-Power Generators are being designed to work in harmony with Battery Storage Units supplied from Green Power Hire, a company recently acquired by Speedy.  This hybrid power package (fuel cell and battery) highlights the importance of joined up technology development enabling customers to achieve both financial and environmental savings compared to alternative technologies on the market.   

The formation of SHS follows a successful eighteen month period of H-Power Tower trials on construction sites in the UK and Europe with a range of customers which has validated the potential of the technology and the customer pull for sustainable power generation on construction sites. 

Dan Evans, Chief Executive at Speedy Hire, said:

“Our JV with AFC Energy further strengthens our market leadership in combining product innovation and sustainability solutions that are increasingly critical and in demand from our customers. We continue to make progress in the delivery of our ambitious plan to be a net zero business by 2040 and, together with other recently announced developments like the acquisition of Green Power Hire, provide strong and unique evidence of our Velocity strategy in action.”

Adam Bond, Chief Executive at AFC Energy, said: 

“We are pleased to announce this exciting collaboration with the UK’s leading sustainable plant hire business, Speedy Hire.  We have every confidence that SHS will support the UK and Irish construction sector’s transition away from diesel towards its ambitious decarbonisation targets, representing a game changer in the way sustainable off-grid power is delivered to industry.  With strong interest already evidenced from contractors and events, we expect this venture to now raise the bar in the delivery of sustainable off-grid power.”