We have a flexible range of optional support solutions to
accompany our products.

Fuel supply

Choice of flexible arrangements for fuel supply

  • Supply of hydrogen, ammonia or methanol
  • Consultation on fuel consumption and logistics requirements
  • Put you in touch with our approved fuel suppliers to make arrangements direct
  • Arranging the sourcing, supply, and delivery of the fuel of choice
  • Consultation or supply of on-site fuel storage

Complete serviced solution

Consultation, design, and commissioning

  • Consultation and design of the full power solution based on the application
  • Arrangements to supply, deliver and connect battery energy storage technology
  • Technical integration of technologies – battery, fuel cell, fuel conversion, fuel storage
  • Monitoring and optimisation for the full system
  • On site installation, commissioning, and decommissioning
  • On call maintenance from our field support team
  • Provision of comprehensive operating guidelines and on-site briefings