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H-Power Generator - S+ series

High-power diesel generator alternative

  • Delivering 200 kW net High-Voltage Direct Current (HVDC) power
  • Liquid cooled S+ series fuel cell inside
  • High power in compact footprint 
  • Rugged enclosure designed for outdoor use
  • Easy to install, setup, and operate
  • Powered by hydrogen
  • Compatible with hydrogen converted from carrier fuels
  • Designed to work with battery energy storage systems
H-Power Generator - S+ series

H-Power Generator - S series

Powerful modular compact

  • Scalable with power output starting at 30 kW
  • S Series air cooled fuel cell inside
  • Designed for easy integration
  • Modular for easy maintenance and replacement
  • Fully self-contained power generation unit
  • Powered by hydrogen
  • Compatible with hydrogen converted from carrier fuels
  • Operable with 45 kWh battery (50 kVA)
 H-Power Generator - S series

H-Power Tower - S Series

Diesel generator alternative

  • Up to 10 kW net power
  • Suited for demonstration, events, and construction site
  • Clean alternative to diesel generators
  • Up to four air cooled S Series fuel cell modules inside
  • Powered by hydrogen
  • Hydrogen supply provided on request
  • Compact footprint dimensions (height, width, length)
  • Rugged enclosure designed for outdoor uses
  • Forklift portable and ‘phone-box’ sized
  • Easy to install, setup and operate
  • Choice of power configurations: 230 VAC (50Hz), 415V AC 3-Phase, type 2 AC EV Charger
  • Compatible with hydrogen from carrier fuels
H-Power Tower - S Series

L Series fuel cell generator

Robust supported solution

  • Up to 40 kW power
  • Deployed for Extreme E and Urban Airport
  • Hydrox-cell L Series fuel cell inside
  • 10-foot shipping container sized
  • Rugged enclosure designed for outdoor uses
  • Powered by hydrogen
  • Tried and tested in hot, cold and dusty environments
  • Supported on-site by our field service team
  • Battery energy storage as an optional extra
L Series fuel cell generator

Coming soon

Ammonia cracker - ammonia to hydrogen solution

Scalable flexible fuelling technology platform

  • Technology to convert ammonia into hydrogen
  • Suitable for industrial applications including maritime 
  • High efficiency conversion
  • Modular and scalable
  • Offering lower cost hydrogen on-site
  • Compatible with purification and compression for H2 refueler 
  • Developed as a standalone product as well as for technology integration

Methanol Fuel Tower - methanol to hydrogen solution

Flexible fuelling technology solution

  • Conversion of carrier fuel methanol into hydrogen
  • Methanol reformer technology inside
  • Hydrogen produced at purity levels suited to run fuel cells
  • Offered as stand-alone or as 'power from methanol' system when coupled with H-Power Tower
  • Prototype unit lab and field tested producing power from methanol
  • Methanol carrier fuel offers cost effective alternative to bulky hydrogen storage and transportation
  • Most suited for applications needing higher power output - shipping, construction
Methanol Fuel Tower - methanol to hydrogen solution